3D drawing for school project

An image we used to promote new buildings for a fictional real estate agent.

CSS media query

One of the ways to keep layout separated from the content is by using CSS files. However, the need may arise to provide different CSS styles for different devices. This is where the media query comes into play. By using statements like:
@media screen and (min-width: 400px) and (max-width: 700px) { … }
the CSS definition between brackets will be used if the width of the area in which the page is rendered is between 400 and 700 pixels and the media (device) is a computer screen.
Please refer to the W3 site for more examples and how to use this convient way of dynamic selection of stylesheets.

CSS3, animation and transition

A DIV with an animation which fades from one color to another. Also rounded corners and shadow to both the text and DIV itself are applied.

Clock on canvas

What's on? Television: Canvas with video

This demo has been tested in Firefox and Chrome. Safari however, has problems caching the video and writing it to the canvas. The video is one of the video podcasts available by iTunes Store.

Canvas with ball animation

Instead of using "arc()", I used "drawImage()" to draw my own created sphere stored in a dynamic created canvas. This sphere has a gradient and cut applied to it.

HTML 5, Geolocation and Google Maps

You need to accept the security message your browser displays in order to view your location.

A fresh start

The website www.suteki.eu has made a fresh start as I am planning to use this site more as a portfolio.
I hope to display works I have created in my past or other expressions of my ability.
(however, due the lack of time I am not certain whenever this will be finished)
Please refer to http://www.linkedin.com/in/driekvanhees for my CV.

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